Raising World-Changers…second-generation unschooling

I love this post. We can related to so much, right down to second generation autonomous home ed. The only difference is we chose to stay out of the system altogether!❤

Yurt in the Hollow

When I think of doing school as a child, I think of sunny days spent hanging upside-down on the monkey bars while my mom sat on the grass reading to us. I think of cuddling next to her on the couch, watching the rain on the windows as she read. Always reading. I think of doing math at the grocery store as we shopped. I think of endless days spent in deep play with my brother, building forts, building robots, building mud villages in our backyard, building a rocket, building our imaginations. Neither of my parents had even graduated from college themselves, but they managed to give us what I now consider the most important facet of education: freedom. Freedom from clocks and rules and manipulation and control. Freedom to be ourselves. To learn, and discover, and BE, at our own pace and according to our own interests. And from…

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Bradford Council data sharing “may breach human rights”


Members of a national home education network have issued a warning to Bradford Metropolitan District Council that current procedures and proposed policy changes outlined in a report by its deputy children’s services director “may not be in accordance with the law”.

At a meeting of the council’s Children’s Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee yesterday (12 October 2016), Gill Kilner, representing Action for Home Education (AHEd), raised a number of legal questions relating to the report, which were dismissed as “muddying the waters” and went unanswered.

Immediately after the meeting, at which the deputy director’s recommendations were approved with minor amendments, parent campaigners pledged to demand “proper scrutiny” by elected members of “legally unsafe” policies and procedures which directly affect their children’s interests.

Citing a Supreme Court ruling which found information-sharing provisions in Scottish legislation to breach children’s and families’ human rights, Ms Kilner insisted that proposals by the council to obtain child benefit records to “hunt down”…

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Government amendments to opt out clause for social work October 2016 — edyourself

When the Government Minister in the House of Lords tables an amendment to a Bill, you know it will actually be carried, whereas amendments tabled by other peers generally stop short, albeit with an offer from the Minister to meet for further discussions or to look at adding something in secondary legislation (regulations, statutory guidance) […]

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