AFFILIATE: Colour by code review

This is my first review on here, it’s going to be short but sweet so bear with me. I’m not new to reviews but I’ve never done it as a blogger before, so I’m learning something new!

A few days ago I had en e-mail from Educents to tell me there was a special offer on and certain items could be downloaded for free. One of them was the Snow kids colour by code sheets (which are still downloadable for free for the next two days – normally they cost $2, or around £1.33 looking at the currency conversion website.) Which I thought looked interesting, as small has a big interest in coding at the moment so I decided to give them a go.

The idea behind them is that instead of the usual colouring, each colour is assigned a number, and in the picture there is an addition or subtraction sum for the child to work out, and that will give them the colour they need to use when they are colouring in.

So what did small make of it?

He tried it for the first couple of days, he completed one of the characters and some of the second character, but hasn’t shown much interest since. He enjoyed it but quickly tired of it and wanted to do something else and to be honest I can completely understand why, which I will get to on my next point…


Would I want to pay for it?

The thought behind the activity is brilliant, it really makes sense. However I would be unlikely to buy it, this is largely due to the following reasons:

  1. It is only two pages long (if you don’t include the cover page.)
  2. Both pictures are exactly the same, they just have different numbers and sums to work out.

Okay, when you buy it for download, you can print it off unlimited times. BUT I can’t see why someone would want to unless their child really likes the pictures. Okay if you go into a store and buy a colouring book you can only use it once, but there is more than one design available for your child to choose from. While the sums are different, there is no choice as to which picture to colour in because they are both almost exactly the same and small really didn’t like that.

Ultimately I would suggest that if you’re going to get it, get it while the offer is still on. Which is a shame because it does have educational value, and a lot of potential. Unfortunately it falls short, and no it’s not overly expensive, but for $1 per page I’d certainly expect more than 1 design to choose from. On the whole I’d give it 6 out of 10 at best.

That said, I do hope to see an updated version at some point in the future to give kids more choice when they do the activity, as anything that makes maths fun is a bonus!


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