It’s been a while…

Sorry it’s been a while folks, we’ve had a lot going on. I’ve barely been able to find time to just be still, let alone do any blogging.

So first off lets start with some positive things 🙂

Small is coming on leaps and bounds, we’ve just had a huge growth spurt. He’s constantly absorbing new information, however he’s now processing it more openly (for now anyway!) and asking lots of questions to support him in that process. Not only that he’s found a science show he really loves called ‘Science of Stupid’ on Nat Geo. Richard Hammond is presenting it and we have it recorded and he’s been having a splurge. Think “You’ve been framed” and you won’t be far off, but it also explains the science behind the funny videos and shows how professionals do it, and explains why certain things don’t work. Each episode is about half an hour-long and shows 3 or 4 different topics with a range of ‘bloopers’ for each topic. The website also has some supporting videos. It doesn’t always show at a child-friendly hour so we’ve found recording it is perfect. Small can now talk your ear off about chillies dissipating in milk but not water, and about cinnamon powder not dissipating at all and just staying on your tongue. (Seriously watch it to find out what I’m on about!)

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Alongside this, we’ve been on visits to museums (where we got to do coin minting and made our own coins which was AWESOME!) and workshops. Home ed meets and of course lots of playing with Lego, playing Lego games on his DS, and playing in the park while the weather has been good. We’ve been making pizzas, baking buns, decorating Easter gingerbread shapes and we found some angry birds books that small is loving working through at the moment, which aren’t only encouraging him to read, but to write sometimes as well. And he’s been learning about the body, and the reproductive system. He’s also started getting pocket-money for doing chores (at his request), and he is finding this great as he really likes having control over what he wants to buy. He’s not at the saving it up stage yet but that will come with time if there is something he really wants and of course its brilliant for teaching him about money and budgeting. He bought himself a beautiful little wallet/purse to store his money in when we’re out and about. He’s becoming less afraid of getting things wrong, and more open to trying things out to see if they work, and if it doesn’t he has a laugh, a break, then tries again. His awareness of personal space is increasing, and he’s in the process of making sure that if things overwhelm him to take some time out and if needed create some space for himself. It isn’t without its challenges but I am SO proud of the person he is becoming.

Now for the not so good…

I’ve had health problems for a while now, and recently I have been diagnosed with a lifelong neurological genetic condition. It was expected but still a shock to the system. The good news is I’m not dying and it’s treatable, the bad news (for me) is that I will probably at some point have to take pills, possibly for the rest of my life depending if my symptoms develop further or stay as they are, I can’t learn to drive which I was hoping to do, and I can’t be a blood donor which I was thinking of registering for before I was diagnosed and as its genetic, there’s a chance Small may develop the condition when he is older. We’re still processing the news, small is handling it like a trooper, though I’m not sure he realises what it means yet and I’m looking into options about what happens next but it will probably mean that I don’t blog as often as I had hoped to.


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