Adjustments, lego & growth spurts!

The last few months have seen various adjustments for us as a family, and some major adjustments for me personally. For starters, I’m having to take the thing I hate most – medication – it took me a while to make the decision looking at the various options, and what side effects I was happy to risk taking from them. However, as usual, best laid plans and all that. I’ve ended up with the side effects I didn’t want in the first place and now need to look at changing medications whilst hoping, I won’t have similar reactions. And it has meant stepping back from a lot of things that were important to me. I have a hidden disability, but I’m still finding that label really hard to come to terms with. I think maybe I need to come up with a new name for it 😉

It has made life, and home educating challenging over the past few months, (combined with a massive growth and developmental spurt from small where he has grown LOADS and learnt lots of important practical living skills) and small has handled it like a champ (as well as enjoying more time with daddy!) I am SO proud of him. We’ve had more at home days than normal, but small is at a great age where he loves thinking of what he wants to do for the day so we’ve planned around that, and on ‘bad days’ we take it easy and play games together which he adores. The extra time at home has also meant he’s had more time to immerse himself in languages and he has gone from learning one language to FOUR languages! He is now almost fluently reading, and we’ve watched lots of documentaries (and some funny shows too – he really likes ‘Cats make you LOL’ right now!) and he is really excited for the new series of Science of Stupid that has just started.

We’ve also found some other courses on Memrise like Times tables, Pokémon and British Monarchs. It’s been wonderful for him, though he prefers surface languages – which incidentally is what has helped him with his reading, completely independently. We always encourage small to follow his interests, however we don’t tend to find out he can actually do them until he has perfected them to a level he is happy with by himself, and then he will showcase them to us. It has been this way ever since he was a baby. The reading was a wonderful surprise, I’d heard him every so often, and had a brief phase where he demanded we taught him to read and then got really frustrated when it didn’t happen as fast as he wanted. But for the most part, every time he caught on that someone was there he would stop and refuse to continue. Now he is snuggling up, reading to me every night before bed and asking if he needs help on the bigger words. At the moment we are reading the minions junior novel which he finds hilarious 😉 What a change!

Not all adjustments are bad 🙂

By the way did you know worms are birthed out of cocoons? Neither did I until Small asked how worms are born, so we looked on YouTube, as you do. Apparently each cocoon can hold up to 4 baby worms. We also watched a Reindeer being born which he thought was lovely, if a little gross.

Another happy side effect, is that a few months ago a friend let me know about something called ‘Lego challenges’ and sent me a link, it was something which I had heard of briefly beforehand but not pursued as small hadn’t been interested, we were out of printer ink so I made my own for him and he loved them. He loves everything from the silly challenges to the bigger challenges and again it encourages his reading skills when he finds himself in the mood to try them out. He still hasn’t completed them all yet!

We also haven’t been able to see friends as much as we would like, this has been a bit tough, but the bonus is that it seems to have led to small appreciating his friendships more, so that when he sees his friends it means more to him and he gets more out of it. I’m hoping that once my medication is sorted, we will see more of our friends again (as I miss my friends too!) but that for small it will be with a renewed understanding of what friendship is and how important it is to nurture them and respect the people you are friends with.

His room has also undergone a lot of changes! I have collected resources for a while, since before we started ‘officially’ home educating. Well, small found the posters 🙂 So now has a bedroom covered in science, space and nature posters. He LOVES it and wants MORE posters to read! So printer ink and google here I come!

It certainly hasn’t been an easy few months, but I would do it all over again (minus the medication side effects ;)) I’m in absolute awe of my wonderful boy and just how much he has learnt seemingly effortlessly, how amazing are our children?!

Anyhow, we’ve taken LOTS of pictures too 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Adjustments, lego & growth spurts!

  1. I think we need to look up this LEGO challenge thing. I have a little LEGO fiend who’ll devour anything remotely related to it. Following your blog, look forward to reading more about your adventures. xx

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