Reading, photography, pomander making…

So it’s been a few months since I really posted anything about small, it’s been busy and we’ve also had some challenges along the way due to my health. For which he has, as always been completely awesome about. We didn’t get pictures of everything, and obviously this is just a summary! 😉

As always gaming is in there, current favourites are the Pokémon ORAS demo (which he has played in French occasionally), which we’re looking to buy the complete game for. He’s also been playing Tetris, and he is loving a chemistry (or potions as he calls it) game on the tablet at the moment.

We’ve met up with friends as much as we can, usually he’s moving too fast so we have not managed to get pictures! Home ed meet ups are SO much fun, and we are planning a Pokémon play date with a couple of his friends soon. We did a home ed history tour recently and he made a pomander, we learnt lots about the Fire of London and local history too, and he really enjoyed pretending to be King in a big, old wooden chair. He did some photography too, taking pictures of the mouse-hunt doors 🙂

Aside from a brief tummy bug, we’ve seen a big increase in reading, more interestingly he’s reading less in the way of picture books. And more in the way of more challenging books, which to be honest I have found pretty amazing as he’s been reading less than a year.  We’ve also celebrated Easter with family, and seen another big advancement in his social skills in the space of a few short months.

He is developing his empathy skills further too, when I haven’t been feeling well he has been open to us doing things together and recently we made pizza together for dinner, well I say together. He took over, learning important skills along the way, and hardly letting me do a thing, despite my efforts to take part! I am quite honestly so flipping proud of him. I feel very lucky to be his Mum.

Pictures! 🙂

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