It’s been busy…

However, we have taken it as easy as we can due to my seizure rate spiking quite dramatically over the last few months, so we’ve got out of the house & seen people when we canĀ as well as having lots of playtime in the garden and in among the rubbish have been some lovely, heart-warming moments. Small has discovered how to prank people, which is always fun! He also has a thing for documentaries again now and we’ve had fun doing some more science experiments too e.g. seeing how long it takes for a jug of water to evaporate in the sun (take note: Make sure it’s NOT the jug you need for dinner!)

He is stubborn, he is sassy and he is oh so funny. I wouldn’t change a thing. He’s entered a phase now where I’m not needing to come up with ideas for projects, he wants to take control of his own projects.

We have a few thing going on home wise, including re-decorating his bedroom, but coming up we are raising a butterfly garden (the caterpillars should be on their way tomorrow!), he wants to attract more birds to the garden so we will be getting feeders, he’s made a little bird house feeder already that just needs waterproofing.

He wants to see a Black Rhino, so it looks like we will be going to visit a Zoo in the near future. He also wants to visit the gaming arcade in the East Midlands. Whether we do all these projects remains to be seen, as his needs and focus may change.

There has been a lot of game playing. He’s now into playing proper scrabble! Which is so much fun! We have a whiteboard hung in the living-room now, which he loves leaving us notes on to find (see the pictures for one of his more humorous ones!) I’m very excited to see where we will be this time next year!


A few pictures!


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