Is it time our Paralympians spoke up?

Wise words from a wonderful friend x

Have Wheels, Will Travel

For a few weeks ever four years, the British public talk about the ‘inspiring’ athletes who have overcome adversity to win us another haul of medals. And don’t get me wrong, they are inspiring. As a sports lover, who is also disabled, I like watching people I can identify with succeeding in their different disciplines. It pushes me to try harder in what I do, reminds me that I can still achieve, albeit in different directions than those I pursued as an able-bodied person.

But did you realise that some of the difficulties faced by the disabled community could be lessened? Although there is no magic wand to wave and make impairments disappear, there are two main areas which I believe hold back many people with disabilities.

1) Disabled access to leisure activities and shops

It is disappointing how many businesses deny access to disabled people simply through lack of…

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