Tootling along…

Recently we seem to have seen another flourish from small. He’s doing Pixar in a box with Khan Academy, which has been so much fun. I’ve shared his videos on both my twitter and Facebook pages. He had SO much fun doing these. He’s also realised that for some of the things he wants to do (like Unity) a bit more patience is required and he has been busy working on his English and Maths in particular to help with some of his goals, he has done this through workbooks, studyladder, komodo maths etc which along many other resources are always freely available to him if he wishes to do them. He particularly likes an Angry Bird workbook for English by Letts now, which we picked up for about 50p from home bargains and has requested a copy for Maths as well, unfortunately they don’t seem to do any other topics yet.

He’s also been doing lots, and lots of reading from The BFG (which we recently watched at the IntoFilm festival too) to the Shakespeare for kids collection, and his favourite minecraft joke book. He’s also using the dictionary with more confidence to look up words he isn’t sure of, and has recently built a hot rod racer. As well as taking apart an old keyboard to investigate what it is made up from and what components are needed to make it work. Apparently we will be making some goodies for Christmas soon which sounds really exciting! I can’t wait to see what ideas he has! He was however very disappointed to find out that Richard Hammond is no longer presenting Science of Stupid! What exactly happened there?!

We’ve taken our first small break in many years as a family to go and see family and friends which was wonderful. Small went bowling for the first time and learnt how to play air hockey, as well as discovering the joys of the 2p machines and winning a prize (I think my friend may have helped with that though as she was on that machine before we arrived 😉 ) from playing top trumps on the train, to doing puzzle games on the whiteboard (easier than carrying loads of paper!) and everything in between we had a wonderful time. We also caught some history documentaries in the hotel room during our downtime! Small really enjoyed watching out for the different animals in the countryside too though it was mainly cows and sheep! We had plenty of opportunities for socialising and playing, the only downside was that the trip was far too short!

We’ve had a slow-paced but very fun time over the last few months. The nights are now getting darker, which means more time indoors as well as more snuggle up times under the blanket which is always a bonus. As small gets older I’m becoming more acutely aware that we may not have many of these moments left, so I’m trying to rejoice and savour the moments as they come because I never know when it will be our last time doing something things like reading together, or just “5 more minutes to snuggle before sleep Mummy” before he promptly falls asleep in my arms. Needing to be snuggled to sleep is a lot less frequent than it used to be, so I have a feeling it will be coming to an end sooner rather than later. But you know what? That’s okay, because it has been and will continue to be at his pace. It is time I would not give up for all the money in the world, and looking back they will be sweetly cherished memories.


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