Photography, prints & services

As you know, we had our challenges last year. So while I’ve had a few ‘spoons’ to spare I’ve been packing as much in with my little boy as possible, and taken a few good pictures along the way. On the days where I don’t have as many ‘spoons’ I’ve been working on (and continue to work on) some tongue-in-cheek designs.

You can find my prints on DeviantArt, I’ve had an account for ages but never really used it regularly so I’m trying to change that and put my energies into something positive as there is so much beauty around us:

Cycle of Life

On CafePress there are more options, and obviously the added option of my tongue-in-cheek designs which I am still working on when I can.

I am also taking commissions, depending on the project. Due to the nature of my condition I may be slower to work on these, but if you’re willing to be patient with me then you can contact me via DeviantArt or e-mail me at: