Tootling along…

Recently we seem to have seen another flourish from small. He’s doing Pixar in a box with Khan Academy, which has been so much fun. I’ve shared his videos on both my twitter and Facebook pages. He had SO much … Continue reading


So recently we have done a Butterfly garden project, which has been SO much fun to do. I bought the butterfly kit, which gives a free voucher code for Insect Lore, which then send you out a small pot for the caterpillar phase, with the caterpillars and all the food they will need, plus a paper disc for the Chrysalis phase of their metamorphosis (which does sometimes get eaten, as ours did so be ready with kitchen roll and remember they don’t always choose to hang from the top!) You can get the kits on Amazon**, Argos and some Supermarkets and online grocery stores sell them too.

For small it has been a great experience watching the different phases of the butterfly’s life cycle, learning more about nature, and retaining some knowledge of terminology to surprise us with (another word for Chrysalis is Pupa – he found that out before I did!) He also learnt that sometimes the life cycle doesn’t always go to plan. One didn’t emerge from their Chrysalis. A small strand of silk stopped it emerging and because it was so thin, we didn’t notice until the others had emerged. This lead to a discussion about what we can do differently if we do the project again, and what kind of challenges they face when they aren’t being raised by humans such as; Birds, cats etc and other dangers.

Today we released them ready for the next phase of their journey (mating), and they also let him hold them which was amazing (in fact they all of us hold them before they went on their way.) He also had the chance to take some close up shots with the camera too, which is always a bonus! He chose the music for the video (it starts a couple of minutes in) and insisted we had to add the life cycle at the end, to make sure everyone knows!



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I couldn’t possibly teach my kids….

Is one of the biggest home ed myths ever.

We don’t teach.


We facilitate. We nurture. We encourage. We support.  We drink tea. We eat cake…. Mmmm…. Cake…. A good distraction as the list could go on a while… 😉

He plays. He reads. He plays. He socialises. He asks for help. He plays. He learns. He thrives.

Most importantly, we go at his pace and we have fun.


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